Day 9 of Lent: A Better Way

Soul of Meekness

The Day’s Scripture

Psalm 138:6 (CEB)

Even though the Lord is high,
    he can still see the lowly,
    but God keeps his distance from the arrogant.


I still succumb to the false identity that tells me to survive and wield power over others before being subdued. My false self tells me to never be a pushover; it requires being competent in all things; it necessitates never backing down from a fight or showing fear; it mandates never being duped or betrayed; it demands that I be wary of being too emotional, too gentle, too sentimental; it influences me to not lean too much into love, into others; it vigilantly compels me to push back against getting mothered; and it advises me to punch a bully in the face. And never, never show others that you need help. Sometimes I subscribe to the idea that to be a man and a minority means: don’t sell out, don’t lose, don’t be patronized, never let them pat your head, don’t do a dance for them, don’t apologize, and don’t be condescended to. Perhaps my fists and my legs and all of these weapons of choice are crucial to survival. Perhaps they are in a war, in the presence of a physical threat, or in the wild.  But being truly human is so much more than merely surviving, or competing, or warring.   To be human is to try on faith, to seek peace, to walk humbly. It moves forward with throwing down weapons in exchange for ploughshares.  There is a better way.  To be more fully human is in part to accept the greater relational potentiality within us that is made more potent in reliance.  God sees us in our earthiness, in our lowliness. Christ walks alongside the meek. In vulnerability and openness we more profoundly touch and are touched. We are better together. We are more powerful in synergistic mutuality in the reconciling Spirit.  I have nothing to prove in the company of friends and fellow sojourners to renewal..

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